a Brief History

Civic’s Education (PKn) study program officially held by the DECREE of the Minister of Education and Science No. 55 1963, May 22, 1963, with the name of Civics-Law study program, as part of the Faculty of Social sciences (FKPS).

In the climate of the spirit of “implementing the Pancasila and the UUD 1945 in a pure and consequent” by the New Order government, in the 1970s Civic’s-Law studies program renamed Moral Pancasila’s Education (PMP).

Changes the name again in the 1980s to be Moral Pancasila’s Education and Citizenship (PMPKn). The addition of the word citizenship implies the importance of the scientific study to strengthen the citizens of the country. In 1995, the word “moral” is omitted from the name of the Department/Study Program. The name of the Department/Program changes into Pancasila and Civic Education.

The trajectory of history implies an easy intervention regime in Civic Education. Grounded in reality, strengthened the desire to strengthen science in the study of citizenship in general, which specifically looks from the naming of the Program of Study.

Along with the expansion of the mandate (wider mandate) Yogyakarta Institute of teacher training and education into a University in 1999, opened various non-educational programs to support educational study programs. The Department of Civic Education intends to open a new study program, namely legal Sciences. Since 2005 the name of the department has changed to the Department of Civic Education and Law (PKnH), with a temporary Civic Education Study program (PKn).

Such changes along with the persistence of the campus community (in particular the Civic’s Education and Law) to realize citizenship education with science which is sturdy (established), happened in different countries known as civic education, citizenship, citizenship education, and so on. Therefore, the birth of what is now referred to as the new paradigm of Civic education (new paradigm of civic education). Civic’s Education and Law including one of the pioneers of a new paradigm civic education.

With all the advantages to the current department Civic’s Education and Law a accreditation from BAN-PT No. 10762/SK/BAN-PT/AK-ISK/S/IX/2021 which is valid from 8 September 2021 – 15 Maret 2025.