Introduction to Campus Life for New Students, Department of Citizenship Education and Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Yogyakarta State University in 2021 (PKKMB Department of PKnH FIS UNY 2021) will be held on Friday, August 27, 2021. Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) will be held online due to the current situation. The participants of the PKKMB activity for the PKnH FIS UNY 2021 Department are 114 new students majoring in PKnH FIS UNY 2021. The PKKMB activity for the PKnH FIS UNY 2021 Department is themed “Progressive PKnH” . The theme of the PKKMB PKnH FIS UNY 2021 Department is intended to “Create a Progressive Student Mindset, Moral, Intellectual, and Love the Homeland in Developing Advanced Indonesia."

Through PKKMB activities, the Department is expected to be able to help new students to adapt. Here, new students are invited to learn to communicate both between friends in the same department as well as with the lecturers who will guide us while on campus. This activity is also able to strengthen the ties of brotherhood between students. General knowledge needed by new students is conveyed. All of this is done based on intellectual values, so that in the end new students can transform in attitude and mentality, so they are ready to learn and make achievements during their struggles on campus. With a progressive mindset, students are expected to be able to provide brilliant ideas that can be used in everyday life, as well as in organizational activities. In harmony with solidarity, it will create a comfortable and full of togetherness life. Some of these goals include planting national insight, love for the homeland, and defending the country. In addition, the understanding of academic and non-academic activities is also part of the achievement of the PKKMB of the PKnH Department.