Program Objectives

Graduates of BoCE are expected to

  1. Have the attitude, integrity, and commitment as a citizen and a lifelong learner;
  2. Master the theoretical basis of the interdisciplinary field of Civic Education and pedagogy covering the fields of politics, law, and moral;
  3. Have skills in designing and implementing civic learning based on knowledge of content, pedagogy, and technology;
  4. Have the skills to reflect, plan, and conduct civic learning, as well as to work in the areas that are relevant to Civic Education values.

Program Learning outcomes

  1. PLO 1: showing a good attitude as a citizen of Indonesia and the world based on religious and cultural values/traditions, respecting equality and diversity, and presenting the equitable social justice
  2. PLO 2: having professional ethics in working independently or collaboratively accompanied by a spirit of learning, critical thinking and innovation, as well as making continuous efforts for self-development;
  3. PLO 3: mastering theoretical foundations of pedagogics and scientific fields that are the core of Interdisciplinary Civics covering the political, legal, and moral fields;
  4. PLO 4: demonstrating the ability to design and implement teaching and learning evaluation using methods that suit students’ different characteristics; and to use various appropriate media/displays in the field of TPACK-based Civics (Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge);
  5. PLO 5: possessing the skills to reflect and plan follow-up actions related to the implementation of civic learning designs and other professions that are relevant to civic values